Summer 2018

Camp Crossing 2018: Hurray for BIRDS! Is in the books.

We had another great summer  – that makes 21!

Woodberry Crossing has provided Summer Camp for the children of Baltimore City every summer for the last 21 years. Each year we seek to serve those children who otherwise would not have a not have an opportunity to experience nature and outdoors – free of charge! Thanks to our generous supporters we have been able to have 168 weeks of camp, over the last 21 years. This year we served 175 campers who came for our week-long day camp program (20-40 campers a week for 8 weeks).

We also served an additional 200 campers for 1 day experiences. We partnered with 14 Community Centers and Churches to bring the campers out to Woodberry farm. Our theme Hurray for BIRDS! Was a huge hit with the campers.

Each day we did something different with our theme: We created our own birds and shared what unique features they have. We learned how birds have different kinds of beaks to eat different kinds of food – for example Robins have beaks like chopsticks so we used chopsticks to pick up gummy worms, cardinals have beaks like pliers so we used pliers to open nuts. We dissected owl pellets! We made nests from things that birds would use – straw, twigs, feathers, mud, strings – then we tested them to see if they would hold up to wind and rain. One camper commented: “I never knew how smart birds are.” “Just imagine you have to do this with your beak.”

As always we swam in the pool, rode bikes, fed the animals, enjoyed picnic lunches, caught frogs in the pond, played on the playground, and went on stream walks.


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