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Greetings from Woodberry Crossing!

Our Mission:
To educate and nurture children, youth and adults using the natural environments of field stream and forest as a medium for building self-esteem, challenging people with new experiences and creating opportunities for cooperative learning.

Our Work:
Woodberry Crossing was started in 1997 as a non-profit organization. Woodberry Crossing gives urban children, youth and families the opportunity to broaden their vision and understanding of life through meeting and interacting with a variety of people, animals, and the natural world.

We Offer:
Over 100 acres of woods and fields, hiking paths filled with ferns and mosses, deer, raccoons and foxes, butterflies, birds, and even Baltimore Orioles!
a pond and 2 streams with tadpoles, fish, turtles and frogs
a pasture of farm animals - donkeys and emus, sheep, goats, turkeys, chickens, and a llama.
numerous cats and dogs
a playground with sand and places to build forts
a swimming pool, campfire ring and picnic tables
indoor facilities with a preschool playroom, conference area, kitchen, library, craft area, bathrooms with showers, a workshop and pottery studio indoor sleeping arrangements for up to 15 people
space to put tents for sleeping outdoors
dedicated staff qualified in early childhood and elementary school teaching, parenting skills, and group dynamics
numerous teenage and adult volunteers







In Memory of Jake Janiak


It is with great sadness we need to share the news that one of our camp counselors, Jake Janiak died on New Year's Day. Jake has been a part of Woodberry since he was 3 years old. Early on he was the one who got run over by the emu. He was found riding the donkey by himself (totally forbidden). He is the one who talked his 2nd grade teacher into bringing the class to Woodberry instead of going to the zoo, to culminate their study of vertebrates. That program continued for several years after Jake moved and changed schools. As a part of his college entrance requirement he wrote a beautiful account of teaching a camp kid to ride a bike and how much it meant to both of them. He will be remembered for his ability to chat with anyone and make them feel comfortable, for his enthusiasm and daring and for his kindness and humor. . .

We will miss you Jake!