Projects and Donations

Donate to the project of your choice!

Capital Campaign – Help with long-term projects including road repair, shelters for animals, and a new trailer to transport animals for visits to inner-city program sites.


Camp Programs 
– Donate to assist with food, art and supplies, animal feed, and other costs directly associated with our day-to-day operations. Programs include Teachers with Creatures, Camp Crossing, Project L.E.A.P (Literacy Education and Parenting), Nurturing with Nature, and Green Thumb Project.


Pond Restoration
– Clean Water is the theme of this summer’s day-camp program. Directly assist with establishing a new ecosystem of aquatic plants, chain of organisms, and fish in the camp pond.


Benefactors of Woodberry Crossing – Over $10,000 per year
Sponsors of Woodberry Crossing – $5,000 – $10,000 per year
Friends of Woodberry Crossing – Under $5,000 per year